At GWIZZ Travel we love the idea of providing great experiences for all of our participants.  We believe that everyone wants to “Create Memories that Last a Lifetime” and at GWIZZ we provide that experience for our travelers.  Regardless of where you go, what you do or why you are going we want to provide a memorable and exciting experience for you or your group.  You will not be disappointed when we organize whatever experience, vacation or getaway you have in mind.

We cater to many different groups: high school graduates, 8th grade, elementary, girl scouts, churches, or just an individual looking to escape the blazing heat and dry Arizona desert.  We can even organize a special trip for you or your group.  Wherever you want to go in Southern California we can create your customized trip.  Contact us for more information.



GWizz Travel is a Phoenix-based agency specializing in trips to Southern California.