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1) Best Support & Service

Our friendly customer service agents are here to answer all of your questions

2) The Valley’s  Most Experienced GRAD TRIP Travel Company

We are the most experienced high school graduation trip company in the Valley!

3) Top Rated Hotel Accommodations

We use the highest rated hotels at every destination, with the best pricing

4) The Best Party & Entertainment Schedule

We partnered with the hottest attractions to get you FREE or discounted access on the best nights for the biggest student events of the summer!

5) Discounted deals while on the trip.

6) The Valleys BEST TRAVEL VALUE for Highschool Grads

7) Complete On-Site Program At G Wizz Travel we do much more than simply get you to your destination. We provide transfers to and from your hotel get you great deals at Newport Beach, access to excursions & watersports at the best prices and much more!

8) The Valley’s Most Experienced Staff G Wizz Travel provides a team of staff members at each of our destinations.

9) Proven Track Record!

10) And most importantly…